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Vearsapoh Buddha and Magical Bee Jewels



Mount Vearsapoh was named after Buddha Vearsapoh, who took rebirth as a king of bees. Buddha Vearsapoh derived His name because of His ability to shift into any forms desired. He led His disciples in meditation called Samadhi Kamathaan and His subjects all become Arahats. They, in turn, were able to shift their forms as well into bees. They possessed within them a jewel, which they acquired from the holy water from a sacred place of worship.

The Mountain was under attack by Mara and other evil entities like giants, ghosts, goblins, and asuras. Mara and His army of evils warred with Buddha Vearsapoh for 12 years and could not defeat Him and His bee subjects. With the magical jewel, every time the bees were sliced in half or into many pieces, they always get revived back to life. Vanquished, Mara and His army of evils returned to where they came from.

The Jewels are magical in origin. They are preserved through eons for Maitreya Buddha to excavate for the purpose of protection once more as foretold ahead, a calamity so destructive, it rivals the war Buddha Vearsapoh fought with Mara 100x million times.


Long Story:

Lok Ta narrating:

Dear Children, after crossing this mountain, we will arrive at our mountain of destination. This mountain is/belong to Eisaye Keenet (Brahman with Fire Eyes?) who meditate successfully in this mountain. Therefore it is called Phnom Eisaye Keenet. This mountain is infested with fierce creatures and other predators. But, our journey is quite peaceful. We do not encounter any of such creatures while crossing. May Children partake in merits.

Perseverance produce merits, Children. This is Puddhakech (Buddha Duty) in the name of Sasana. May Children Animotenear in Merit Taking. After this Mt. Eisaye Keenet will be Mt. Sa-oah Rejak. May Children be informed:

In every Puddha Sasana, each Buddha tend to reserve or designate a mountain for Himself in the name of Sasana, fulfilling duties pertaining to Sasana. This mountain called Mt. Sa-oah Rejak is designated in the name of Maitreya Buddha. Similarly, Mt. Kari Vungkot is designated in honor of Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddha. So, Mt. Sa-oah Rejak is Maitreya Buddha’s mountain where here, He will fulfill His duty with respect to His kalpa. May Children be informed.


Mt. Sa-oah Rejak is one mountain in honor of Heaven because Maitreya Buddha had performed a deed called Kech Vonabat, one of the requirement of duties in Sasana, in order to make His Sasana imbued with peace and long-lasting. So, Sasana tend to have mountains or realm in placed for each Buddha like so. Where ever He takes rebirth, that mountain or realm will be born or in placed for Him to fulfill His duty pertaining to Sasana. So, Mt. Sa-oah Rejak is a mountain birthed for Maitreya Buddha to fulfill His duty of “komnot thor” (Dhamma).

Children: we have arrived at our destination called Phnom Vearsapoh. Mt. Vearsapoh derived its name from one Buddha in the past whose name was Vearsapoh. Buddha Vearsapoh took rebirth as a bee. He was a king of all bees in this area. Buddha Vearsapoh is one Buddha who accomplished eternal Dhamma on top of this Mt. Vearsapoh.

In ancient time, bees were very huge, giant sizes. When informing Children thus, Children may think it is hard to believe. But, these bees in ancient time were huge. Regular bees in time of Buddha Vearsapoh are equivalent to “satt tmat” (type of animal?). As for Buddha Vearsapoh who was the king of all bees, He was the size of “satt reacha saye” aka “satt toah” (lion). These bees live so long. Their age span ranged from 80,000 years to 18 billion years because all these bees have jewels called “kuoch kmohm”, which allow them to live so long to unbelievable.

Giants who wanted to wage war to obtain their honey, they could not and were defeated by the bees. Even other “asul mier”(Mara) who wanted their honeys, could not get them successfully. When ever they killed the bees, cutting them up to pieces or how many pieces that these bees were immolated, they all get revived because they have these jewels within them. This was during Buddha Vearsapoh’s time.

Buddha Vearsapoh, when ever He vanquished all the evils during the wars against the Giants or other “asul mier”, and various entities of akusala (low merit) beings, and obtained peace, He gathered His subjects of 100,000 billion (1 koat sen lian) bees in this place to perform a meditation called “Samadhi Kamathaan”. Buddha Vearsapoh achieved Enlightenment and went to Heaven where He dispensed Dhamma and saved creatures of Heaven including Devata, Indra, and Brahma.

Buddha Veahsapoh announced to His subjects:

“Neak eah na jia kmohm, bir sen jia neak mean kuoch, neak trov tuk nov knong ne samnak ne sasana Preah Samma Samm Puddh Preah Se-Ah Metrei tiet…”

Oh, all you bees. If you still have the jewels within you, you must reserved them for one religion called Matiereya Buddhism/kalpa as well…

“…pe-prous nov knong samnak sasana Preah Se-Ah Metrei, minneal avisor erhy, song kream sasana nous kir song kream leurs nov knong Ignsanthakut Preah Puddh Vearsapoh jomnuon 1 koat lean doang., kir khlang jia te bomphut…”

…because in that kalpa (time period) of Maitreya Buddha’s time, oh you bees, the war of religion occurring at that time will surpass the war occurred in Thatagatha’s kalpa 1 billion times, a monumentous event of all….

“…knong samnak sasana Ignsanthakut Vearsapoh nis min baet jam preur kuoch kmohm kor baan kor taeng chneah pouk asul mier, yek, taeng oss.…”

…In Thatagatha’s kalpa, without using the bee’s jewel, we could have vanquished all giants and evil entities completely…

“…teah nov knong samak ne sasana Preah samma samm Puddh Preah Se-Ah Metrei kir bong-keart song kream sasana, boh puk neak eh na heuy trov teah yok kuoch kmohm Ingsanthatkut Vearsapoh heuy boh puk se-vek taeng oss nis yok tov pheuh…”

….but, in Maitreya Buddha’s time, there will be a war of religion, and in such time, those who obtain the bee jewels from Thatagata as well as Thatagata’s disciples for usage as charms…

“…terp ning baan sakday sok sakday jom-rohng jom-ruehn, chlong phutt maha viel, maha sah-koar, kir samut song kream nis baan.”

….only then, will they have peace, prosperity, and longevity, overcoming the greatest oceans and fields of sufferings, which such wars will entail.


So, in Buddha Vearsapoh’s time, He often said that there will be another Buddha who will journey cross here and He will see the cache of bee jewels stashed here, which no soul ever witnessed before since. That was what Buddha Vearsapoh said.

In addition, Buddha Vearsapoh along with His bee subjects, they would come here (tiny water fall over ledges of rocks on earth) to “srong terc saapee” (obtain this water) and with such water somehow they turned into “kuoch kmohm jia amatak” (bee jewel of eternity). This place is called “Terc Anoat Asrass”, a place where Buddha Vearsapoh and disciples come to obtained such holy water. May Children be informed.

We will journey up ahead to the place where Buddha Vearsapoh and disciples obtained Enlightenment when they performed meditation called Samadhi Kamathaan. This is a place so quiet and holy for the purpose of reverence and meditation, where water stream down into a fall, cutting through columns and ledges of rocks and feeding into a stream below.

Buddha Vearsapoh found Enligtenment of the Four AriyaThor, which consists of 4 millions and 21 thousand Sutras (21 mehn buon lian Preah Thormakhan) . They are all purely Thor Traivet (jia sut sat), which allowed Him to obtain great memories, allowed Him to conceal His thoughts, His forms, allowed Him to use chants (mun akum kia tha), soar through the air, bones of steel incapable of being burned or wounded in anyway (kap min mut, dut min chess, palak pess min s‘oy, jumhoy min ch‘un…).

He said to His disciples:

Minneal Avisor neak teng lai. Vearsapoh Ignsanthakut nis min prokeah jeang Preah Samma Samm Puddh Preah Se-Ah Metrei te.

---Oh ye disciples, Thatagatha is not as powerful as Maitreya Buddha at all.

Pi-prous Preah Se-Ah Metrei, teng pi TraiVet, TraiPhuom, TraiLek, TraiDa, majop kir Trung Treah ding. etc.,

---because He found them all, from TraiVet, TraiPhuom, TraiLek, TraiDa, etc, the Knowledge of Enlightenment as well as Dictatorships of the worlds.

Ingsanthakut treah ding tea TraiVet muoi muk kut. Tousbei Ignsanthakut prokeah yang na kor doy kor min toan dol Preah Samma Samm Puddh Preah Se-Ah Metrei dea.

---Thatagatha could found one TraiVet only. So, no matter how powerful Thatagatha is, Thatagatha’s power cannot be equal to that of Maitreya Buddha at all.

Jing, Ignsanthakut ning pyear yeam pyearkor tuk TraiVet teng lai ni tuk tvai nov knong samnak nei sasana Preah Boram Sasadaja Preah Se-Ah Metrei tiet.

---So, Thatagatha will make every effort to preserve the TraiVet for the coming of Maitreya Buddha as well.

Huey jol neak eh na euy, bir sen jong toan preah samma samm puddh preah Se-Ah Metrei trov chess surl pramm kaan surl prambei, pyear yeam tver buon tver tean, tver umper la-or terp ning toan Preah Se-Ah Metrei.

---Also, those that wants to be born in time of Maitreya Buddha’s kalpa, you must know the 5 Precepts, abide by the 8 Precepts, and persevere in charities and other provisions of meritorious deeds, you will be born in time of Maitreya through such methods.

Preah ning Trung yeang nimun kat nov knong ti nis. Neak eh na huey ning mer kerng bir sen jia neak mean buon. Bir naek min mean buon min aek toat skol kerng Ingsanthakut jia ong maja neak eng te.

---Buddha will cross this place. Those who have high merits will see Thatagatha. Those who do not see Thatagatha do not have merit and will not accept Thatagatha as their Lord at all.

(due to the resonating water fall, Lok Ta’s audio is hard to decipher---paraphrasing)

So, that is why Thatagatha (Vearsapoh Buddha) have reserved this place in time for Preah Atitep (GOD), a most peaceful and powerful time of all. If those who want to be powerful like a king or great general, you must remember gratitude of Maitreya Buddha, TraiVet, TraiPhuom, TraiPhet, TraiLek, TraiDa, etc, then you will be met with success. As for those who want to be prosperous in trades and other endeavors, do likewise, you will be prosperous, and abide by Maitreya Buddhism and you will be met with success always.

This is the area where Buddha, specifically Vearsapoh Buddha, performed a feat called Pathahatayek on Earth (process of ascension to other realm, or any type of meditative preparation to my understanding). The first thing Buddha found Enlightenment, He performed this feat of Pathahatayek in this place, a clearing of crumbled rocks and other wedges of stones surrounded by a copse of bamboo forest. At the time of His Ascension, the Jewel of Buddha Vearsapoh had achieved its fullness of power (ping vung borabo doy baramei).

At that time, puk krun (giants and other mara) came to test the Buddha by bringing fire to burn the Buddha, but to no avail. They threw darts and other magical arrows at the Buddha, but still to no avail. They had rainstorms and other hurricanes against the Buddha for 7 days and 7 nights, but still the Buddha remained. They threw fire for 7 days and 7 nights, still the Buddha did not burn. They took up the Earth and split Mother Earth in half or any other pieces necessary, breaking all mountains here and there, to dislodge the Buddha from meditation, but to no avail (the reason of the apparent broken rocks and ledges of stones in the area). They flooded the area, but the Buddha remained afloat. No matter how much ammunitions the evil giants and other mara coming to thwart the Buddha and His disciples, they remain standing and would not die. At which point, the Giants and Mara declared defeat by the Buddha.

Buddha Vearsapoh announced:

Hey, minneal mier teng lai, neak eng tver bap Santhakut, Santhakut prokeah ey pin ning?

---Hey ye Giants and Mara. You have committed evil against Thatgatha and are vanquished by Thatagatha. Thatagatha are not that powerful, you know.

Noh, Preah Se-Ah Metrei noh, prokeah jeang Ingsanthakut horp koat lien doing. Neak eng jam mer. Pel Preah mok lerk sasana tvai Preah Sammanak Kodom, psorp psai sasana Preah Se-Ah Metrei nus, Preah Puddh ning huey jia neak mok lerk tvai sasana oy Preah Sammanak Kodom ban.

---Look. Maitreya Buddha is the one most powerful. He is more powerful than Thatagatha millions fold. You just wait and see. When ever a Buddha coming to rescue Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddha and broadcasting Maitreya Buddhism, only Maitreya Buddha is one powerful enough to undertake such feat for Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddha.

At which point, evil Giants and Mara countered the Buddha.


Oh yeah? We will command all our evil forces---ghosts, goblins, evil entities (praye baysaek), Asuras (Asorakai), you name it, to come and wreak havoc on Earth and cause great sufferings to humans.

We will flood the Earth with blood to the point where humans will drown in its ocean (samut ceam dap pous dom-rei koak nov tonle buon muok---ocean of blood breaking through from elephant‘s belly (mammoth land mammal), and dry up the lake of four corners (mythical lake with four powers intersecting for dominance in front of the Palace of Cambodia)).

Let’s see how powerful Buddha could be in saving them?

So, Buddha Vearsapoh found out Mara‘s intention. He thought to Himself:

Why, these Mara are bent to destroy Sasana for sure. So, He gathered all His subjects and asked that they released their bee jewels and stashed them here for Maitreya Buddha to find. And, they (Buddha and disciples) will not abandon Maitreya Buddha, either. They will assist Maitreya Buddha in this endeavor of warring against Mara. Then, will Sasana prosper and have longevity. May all partake in blessings.

Lok Ta and disciples are searching for the beehive containing the bee jewels. He advised His disciples to be careful from getting sting otherwise they will have swollen faces or hands, etc, from the bee toxins. So, We have heard Buddha of ancient time reserving a stash of bee jewels. Now, We want to find out to see if it is true. At this point, We are searching.

A moment longer, several of His disciples ran out of a copse of trees swatting at their heads in an attempt to avoid from being stung by the bees. Lok Ta advised them to chant the Sutras. His disciples wanted to used fire to burn the bees, but Lok Ta said no. Don’t use fire to kill the bees. Chanting Sutras will effectively deter the bees without killing them. As one of His disciples ran across the camera, Lok Ta said when you chant, the bee’s stinging stylus will curl up and won’t sting you any more.

Go back to the hive and chant (He told His disciples):

khap khim khak, khap khim khak,khap khim khak,khap khim khak,

all the way through, and see if you’d get sting? If this time, you get sting, run like the devil was after you then.

As His disciples did so and tried to cut down a branch laden with the beehive, they still got stung. He told His disciples to come toward Him. Let Sathakut help.

His disciples ran all over the place. One cowered under rock crevice where Lok Ta from above picked the bees off from his shirt. He put the bees in His hands and told the bees,

“Yerng jia Preah, kom thic yerng, na?”---We are Buddha, don’t sting Us.

“Kerng te? Mae kmohm. Kot mean thic ey kot?”---See? These are queen bees. They don’t sting, do they?

As Lok Ta showed the back of His hand crawled with bees.

You just have to chant the Sutras given and their stylus will curl up and won’t sting you anymore.

One of His disciples said his ear got stung and now it is swollen. Lok Ta said good-naturedly:

“’Jing kor pohng deah. Ka-jeak onn, ka-jeak poat.”---Why swollen so easily? Elephant ears. LOL.

Lok Ta with His disciples pointing, made His way to the beehive and chopped down a branch of tree housing it.

One of His disciples bring forth a slab of honey comb clinging to a piece of branch. Many more slabs of honey comb followed. One of His disciples got so stung, his white pants had numerous dots of red blood staining it.

Lok Ta picked one honey comb with a stick and a gold-color jewel fell out. More kuoch fell out as He kept on poking the comb.

One of His disciples commented: only in one lifetime could we see honey combs have jewels.

Another jewel popped out, and it was crystal clear. Honey oozes out of the comb as more jewels are excavated.


Lok Ta:

“kmohm chess mean kuoch, noh. Teng pe kert pous auh…ey, men pous auh te, pous mea mok, min deah kerng kmohm mean kuoch.”

---Who would have thunk, bees have jewels. Ever since having sprung from daddy…oh no…mommy’s belly, never heard of such a thing.

There was a pile of bee jewels ranging in various sizes and colors from opaque yellow to crystal clear white ones.


Then, His disciples began to partake in eating the honey that oozes out of the comb, each has one honey comb, inviting viewers to do likewise. One disciple took one bite and nearly swallow the jewel in the comb for there are still more jewel hidden inside. Yummmy. They ate the honey and spit out the jewel in the process. Very sweet.





Opening Dhamma Desna:

May Children be blessed with the Four Boons of Wealth: Colors (health, beauty), Strength (body and spirit), Longevity, and Peace. May Children accumulate such wealth for yourselves when you are listening and abiding by Dhamma Desna now.

This is one mountain called Mt. Vearsapoh. Mt. Vearsapoh is one mountain in which Buddha transformed Himself to save humans. This transformations was in the form of a bee. Children may you partake in merits and also be informed:

“Vesak”translated to mean “disguise” aka transformation.

“Sapohsak” means changing or altering.

In Khmer language, we could say: Preah Puddh Trung Kon-la Kluon (Buddha who changed His form).

So, Phnom Preah Puddh Prea Kon-la, to be exact.

So, all Buddhas must know how to change forms. If they want to save bees, they must know how to change their forms to bees to educate the bees and save them.

If they want to save birds, they must turn themselves into birds; humans into humans, to look just like that species; to save angels (devata), they must look like angels in order to save them; cows to cows, etc.

If they don’t alter their forms, enlightenment cannot be successful. If they want to enlighten tigers, they must turn themselves into tigers. So, Preah Vearsapoh Buddha means Buddha who altered His forms in order to Enlighten animals/creatures (satt).

Children, have you ever heard?: Devata changing forms; Indra changing forms; Brahma changing forms in various tales and folklores of yore?

So, in Pali Buddha is called Vesapoh Buddha, which means changing Buddha. In terms of altering forms, those like Buddhas, Devata, Indra, Brahma, and other powerful beings who learned of the mantra and other Pali chants such as “surl vicchear bey vicchear pram bei, jakranak pram”could alter their forms at ease.

So, Buddha could alter forms. Mother Earth could alter forms. As long as beings need saving, She could alter forms to save such beings. If She wanted to test that being’s goodness, She would turn into an old person or something, a person of handicap or poor, to test that person if that person has good heart or not. So, Buddhas could change forms to either rich, poor, Brahmin, old, young, or other forms at their whim to test human’s heart.

In terms of altering forms, Buddhas and other Deities are not the only ones who know how to do so. Even evil entities such as ghosts, goblins, praye beysaek(3), buonsaek(4), paetsaek(80), mahoysaek(100), etc., do know how to change forms as well.

Children, may you be informed. Buddha Vearsapoh, resided here for 7 Preah Vesa (years). In such time, He could saved evil entities from ghosts, goblins, praey beysaek from ones with 8 heads, to ones who could fly, walk on air, those who could walk on two legs, those who could walk on three legs, etc., up to 14 billion heads by changing His forms to look like them into High Heaven completely.

So, “Vesak Poh” means Altering. So, Children may remember. All Buddhas must know how to do this. There are many Buddhas previous and to come. But, Buddha Vearsapoh, He was the leader of all the “Vetamun” (Knowledge of Chants/Mantras).

During Vearsapoh Buddha’s time, there were numerous people inhabiting the land of Vearsapoh Buddha. Buddha Vearsapoh resided in the city/land called “krung Athilaye,” a distance of 14 billion yoyanas from here. Vearsapoh Buddha, with His mind’s eyes, could see that He must come to save creatures living on the land of Vearsapoh post haste.

When He arrived to this land, wearing regular monks robes and raggedy looking, the villagers threw rocks at Him and ridiculing Him as “bey saek”, evil. But, this whole village of Vearsapoh consists of evil entities called praey bey saek with all their vetamun (power). They did what ever they could to injure and destroy Buddha.

Buddha’s was wounded and bled profusely through His torn japo (robe). Buddha returned back to His domain. Buddha enlightened within Himself to dress like these villages (barely any clothes on) since He realized that wearing regular robes with full coverage induced such evil attacks from them.

He returned looking like them. And, still they did not believe Buddha to be Buddha, except one king in particular. There was one King named King Vearsapoh, who was a sovereign in the city states of Vearsapoh here. This king made every effort to broadcast all subjects to believe in Buddha, they did not do as advised. They even overthrow the king of their city states from the throne and exile him elsewhere, that was how adamant they were in regards to believing Buddha.

The king even to the point of sending troops and other royal army to put force on these villagers to believe, the villagers remained unmoved. So, the villagers exiled the king for a distance of 16 yoyanas from the border of Vearsapoh village. As a result, Buddha Vearsapoh made a promise of “Vineyear Tip, Sothear Tip, Panna Tip”, the merits of perseverance of faith, truth, and intelligence, to save these people at all cost.

The head of the villagers made a proclamation that they will accept the king back as their king of Vearsapoh kingdom if Vearsapoh king abandon Buddha Vearsapoh accompanying him in exile.

Buddha addressed the king: O King, you have no obligation toward Thatagatha because Thatagatha are not your subject. May you return to your people.

So, at that point, the King of Vearsapoh did as was asked. He dismissed the Buddha when ever he came across the Buddha. But, clandestinely, the king took foods and other “janghan”(monk’s food) to offer them to the Buddha for a period of 7 years. The king seized all occasions to offer the Buddha food from morning, noon, dusk, in the thick of night, etc. Buddha accepted all offerings the king offered Him.

Six years past since meeting the Buddha, natural disasters such as never before witnessed culminate their wrath here, creating havoc, destructions with winds, water, quakes, etc., as Children may observe in the surrounding area here already where Lok Ta is ensconcing delivering Dhamma Desna.

At which time, the villagers turned to the “hora sak”, predictors, for help. They asked what could be done to prevent such deadly destructions from happening---fire, floods, hurricanes, quakes?

The Hora said that they must summon the Buddha back to this area and return the Crown back to the King. Only then will there be peace. But, these villagers proposed that Buddha must dress like them for them to accept Him. Buddha acquiesced.

So, Buddha garbed in “tapung,” a type of style with just a flimsy fabric covering the essential areas, just like the villagers. The Buddha began His Teachings, guiding the villagers to perform deeds of merits like Samadhi Kamathaan, build various Kuthi, Wat Aram, Vihara, Stupa, etc., of religious origins, enlightening their minds to Knowledge of various kinds to the point that they have successfully achieved The Path, Stream Enterer, and Once Returner (Sakadagamaga, Sakadamaphala, Anakamaga, Anakamaphala, Arahatamaga, Arahatamaphala), becoming Arahats completely.

Buddha Vearsapoh proclaimed that Thatagatha was not powerful at all. Maitreya Buddha is even more powerful than Thatagatha, O ye villagers. Thatagatha would dubbed this place as the Village of or Mount of Vearsapoh to commemorate the coming of Maitreya Buddhism. But, O ye disciple, in 7 day’s time, Thatagatha have envisioned that enemies will come and challenge us. Disciples, you must do as Thatagatha advised. We must all disguise as bees to thwart all the evils that will surround us.

Seven days later, Mara, ghosts, goblins, Asurl Mier (Mara), Krun (giants), etc., came to surround them to battle for the Village of Vearsapoh. For twelve years, the war between the bees and Mara lasted. Mara could not overcome Buddha Vearsapoh and His disciples---slaughtering, severing the limbs in various pieces, etc., but to no avail. The bees revived after every assault. When they could not win over Buddha Vearsapoh, the evil Mara forces took up their stakes and returned back to where they came from.

As a result, Buddha Vearsapoh said that Thatagatha are not as powerful as Maitreya Buddha to come. He is powerful than Thatagatha 100s of millions fold. May ye disciples release your jewels and have them preserved in this mountain here until then. Keep them for eternity until Maitreya Buddha’s time to come unearth them.

Then Buddha Vearsapoh said: O ye disciples, Thatagatha’s name is Buddha Vearsapoh. As for this king beside Thatagatha, he will still have more duties to fulfill. He will come back to assist Maitreya Buddha in His time of need when Maitreya Buddha comes down to rescue sasana. As for the king who reigned over Vearsapoh village, who was able to lead his subject to find greater peace in higher heaven, is the Arahat of today’s time called Nhyom Seng Ne, who will further assist Maitreya Buddha in leading people in the path for salvation.

As for the village of Vearsapoh, the land and water of this place, We will designate it as the foundation of Sasana. Paen Dey (Earth), Paen Terc(Water), Paen Kyol (Air), Paen Pleurng (Fire) of this Vearsapoh Village, where ever Air blows, Maitreya Buddhism will exist there; where ever Earth exist, Maitreya Buddhism will exist there; where ever Water exists, Maitreya Buddhism will exist there; where ever Fire exist, Maitreya Buddhism will exist there.

All the humans species existing where ever these 4 Gods exist, they will have single heart, single mind, purity in all senses, endowed with all the greatest wealth, including, but not limited to the wealth of health, longevity, strength, peace, and fame and fortune. This is just to proclaim or make wish in advance in the name of Sasana on top of Mt. Vearsapoh, which also may serve as witness. So, Maitreya Buddha made a wish for His religion to be mighty and eternal.

Vearsapoh addressed His disciples consisting of all Angels:

O ye disciples, have you noticed anything at all in Sasana of Thatagatha, Vearsapoh? On this planet, people depicted the image of Thatagatha having different and unique characteristic than all the other Buddha. They have His eyes and ears covered by His hands like so. (Lok Ta made that gesture to have both palms covering His face and then both palms covering His ears)

So, Dhamma Desna must come to an end now as the weather looks like it’s going to rain. So, let’s gather and pool all the merits of kusala borned through listening to and abiding by Dhamma Desna at this time. May Children accomplish Knowledge of Dhamma at highest level possible.

Also, Buddha Vearsapoh continued: They made Thatagatha’s image, difficult to look at most of all. However, in Maitreya Buddha’s time, when they made Buddha images, in Wat Toul Preah Reach Chea, they made them different than Thatagatha’s, which are most beautiful of all. But, there will be one true Enlightened Being in this Buddha kalpa who will want or wish or aspire to build Thatagatha’s image so grand of all. He is the Arahat of today’s time.

The building will occur in the foundation of Sasana called Wat Toul Preah Reach Chea. The image of Vearsapoh Buddha will have His face and ears covered, who will have no robes to cover Himself saved for the piece of cloth called “pung”, which He don to save the Villagers of Vearsapoh.

“Preah Puon”, “Preah dut min mut, kap min daek”, are His images, which people revere in battle for protection. About 80 km from Mt. Vearsapoh is Mt. Atakak Keasaye, where people have seen to carve this Buddha’s image. We haven’t reach that mountain, yet. Next time, We will journey there and dispense Dhamma Desna as well. This story hasn’t ended, yet. It is a long story.

Buddha Vearsapoh also mentioned that Maitreya Buddha will have arrived at this place only when Preah Sarey Reacha Theit Pict emerged and Devata of 21 beings will have built Barom Bareacha Theit Pict to entombed them already. Then and only then will Maitreya Buddha be fated to come here. Well, this place is the sacred place of Buddha Vearsapoh.

A few moments, it was about to rain. Now, the rain clouds seemed to have been blown far a way a bit. So, let’s desna a bit further for fuller story. Also, teac (particular insect), did not recognize a person of merit or no merit, they will bite indiscriminantly. Buddha in previous time, when they journeyed to the mountain to dispense Dhamma, for example, Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddha’s time, the creature that was most feared was “satt ka-aeck”. These creatures when they see Buddha dispensing Dhamma Desna, they crawled over to Him. In Preah Puddh Preah Metho’s time, He feared “ktuoy” (scorpion?). As soon as they see Buddha’s robe, they crawled over to Him. As for Thatagatha, We don’t fear anything. It is just that these “teac”creatures are a nuisance. But, it is ok. As long as We have Dhamma of Perseverance, eventually, We will be met with success.

At this time, it is nigh for a particular ceremony of parading the Barom Bareacha Koat. Happening simultaneously this year will be Kathina Ceremony of 12,000 Trai (robes). Buddha Vearsapoh will be among the 12,000 Buddhas to come and receive those offered robes. In which time, He will allow 3 persons to see His image clearly and concisely. Lok Ta won’t know who will be, but Lok Ta is saying according to the Script. If Lok Ta lies, lets just lie together according to that for now. During Vearsapoh Buddha’s time, there was only one person offered robes to the Buddha, and just one Trai ony. And, it was the King of Vearsapoh then.

Buddha addressed His disciples:

O ye disciples. In this kalpa, there was only one person offering one robe to Thatagatha. Do not gloat too soon. In Maitreya Buddha’s time, there will be the Ceremony of offering robes much more than current. Why, Buddha of 21m, the Ceremony of offering robes must be done for 7 years in honor of Preah Jeka Puddha of 21 Trai for 21 Buddha. As for Buddha of 33m, they will perform 5,000 Trai. For Buddha of 56m, the Trai Jevor will be 12,000 Trai.

All the evil entities, praey bey saek, Asurl Mier, etc., proclaimed thus:

If people truly accomplished in exceeding the performance of offering Trai, then we will assist that Buddha. If 5,000 was met, then we will assist that Buddha. We will assist that Sasana all over the planet. Right now, We still need 12,000 Trai to go. So, let all be the witness, whether guardian angels, angels of the trees, forests, villages, etc., let’s see if We could accomplish such deeds. When we will have accomplished thus, our Sasana will be mighty of all when that time comes.

Such words by these creatures were recorded back then for they believe in Buddha Vearsapoh.

So, may Children be blessed. May Children accomplished Dhamma of Knoweldge to the highest level. As long as Earth , Water, Air, Fire remain, so will the power of your merits exist for eternity.

At this time, Dhamma Desna is coming to a conclusion….Avang.