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The Origin of the Eight Tevadas


Eight Tevadas challenged Indra Raja with two riddles on a stipulation to dominate the three worlds----Naga, Middle Earth, and Heaven. Riddle no. one was---in the world, what is sharpest? (answer: the will of an Arahat); no. two was----what is brightest in this world? (answer: dhamma). Indra Raja was the Maitreya to be. He realized that these eight Tevadas were fated to challenge him to the throne, and so he summoned a grand convention comprising of Devas, Indra, and Brahma for the witnessing of the solving of the riddle.

The eight Tevadas were strong-willed because when they were humans they made a noble pilgrimage of revering the Supreme Buddha Relics, crossing billions of yoyanas on their stomach to reach the Buddha. Yet, they were transgressed by humans who abused and ridiculed them along the way. Their strong will to reach the Buddha before their last breath allowed them to be born as the 8 Tevadas who had most greed to dominate the 3 worlds mostly in revenge for the wrongs that were delved to them by the humans. Humans are most vulnerable to these vengeful Tevadas.

Indra Raja knew that he must come down on earth to lead people out of darkness. He must fulfill his Puddhakik (Buddha Duty) by leading people to build Buddha Statues and Preah Vihears and Prasats, etc. When Indra Raja feigned incorrect answer, he abdicated his throne. He appointed the 8 Tevadas to their respective charge of the worlds. But, knowing that these Tevadas would not relent on the humans, he asked for 2 boons. He requested that the Tevadas will protect the ground and structures, which he will have erected from destructions. Also, he asked that those Buddhists that believe in him, the Maitreya Buddha, and his disciples be spared as well.



For the longer version of the story:


Children, you are cordially invited to accompany Lot Ta and disciples to enter a deep and dark cave, perilous in journey to reach a place called LÁng Jujita Doppee Reasei (12 Blessings).

In the dark cave, with only the sound of dripping water pummeling the earth and Lok Ta’s narration, Lok Ta directed his disciples to enter a narrow opening leading into a place called Sre Buon (Field of Merits). Lok Ta narrates: This is sre buon, seen with rivulets and shallow trenches similar to rice paddies, for the purpose of birthing people. People, when they commit karma of merits or demerits, they will receive their consequences. So, this field will receive both merits and demerits. This field came into being by 5 Buddhas---Preah Puddh Preah Metho, Preah Me-Therek, Tipankor, Saranangkaror, and Utapamakor.

These five Buddhas made a promise that says “Tathagata will be with you children when Maitreya Buddha “arotenear” Tathagata (Ign Satha Khut) of 5 Buddhas to reside in Preah Vihear Se-Ah Metrei.” So, the 5 Buddhas named earlier will reside in Vihara of Maitreya in order to help those who abide by high dhamma of merits. So, this field is the field of Buddhas, reserved for commemorations. May Children be informed.

The opening leading deeper into the cave was so narrow, only one person may painstakingly squeeze through. In the background, one of his disciples chanted the Sutra of peace: “Sokhator hormi, Aviro hormi, Aphear pacho hormi.” Lok Ta came through first, followed by his many disciples. On one side of the wall, there was an opening, similar to a mouth with its tongue sticking out when opened, which has trails of water flowing down to feed the sre buon for the purpose of cleansing the vinnhean (spirit) of good and bad soul. For souls that are good, when they are touched by this water, they will emit an aura of six colors. These colors will designate “vinnhean preah nek mean buon.” For those with little merits or no merits, they will stay the same or change to color red when they touched this water. Red symbolizes sin. May children be informed.



Lok Ta continues narrating:

Before we go into this cave, we must carry “yon” (yantra), which are 8x10 poster pictures of Lok Ta, 33m Buddha, 21m Buddha and Viharas of Wat Toul Preah Reach Chea. He inserted one poster each on the backpack of each of his disciples and admonished them to mind the yantra from dropping. These yantra are called “yon tevada teng pram bei”. You see, we must protect ourselves when we go into a spirited cave like so. The yantra helped protect from the powers of the 8 tevadas. Coming back out, they must have the yantra in front of them.

Lit only by candle lights surrounding him, Lok Ta ensconced on a lofted ledge of earth in the middle of the cave as he dispense dhamma relevant to his summoning to this cave. Opening dhamma desna: May those who are listening to dhamma be blessed with the 4 greatest blessings of ayu (age), sokhak (peace), vannak (strength in body and spirit), and porlak (health). May all blessings be accumulated and accrued by all Buddhists small and large in level as you abide in this dhamma of benefit by listening and viewing and abiding by dhamma in this tape.

At this time, Father had reached a mountain called “Ign Jikatak Tevi.” This mountain had tevadas (devas) who accomplished dhamma (enlightenment) done toward Buddha since time of Kobal Maha Brum (Brahma). Kobal Maha Brum was a Brahma who lost to his own riddle when he challenged the Boddhisatva who will have become Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddha on the question of “where could serei (freedom) be found?”. He severed his head as symbolic of his inferior knowledge and asked his 7 daughters to guard his head and the earth every new year.

Since the time when earth was formed for about 8 million years, there was an Enlightened Being who took rebirth on earth. Early earth, even when counted since Buddha Ekarasak, there was usually a custom every year for a new deva along with his assistants to come and guard people. Every year a new angel with his assistants would come to relieve the old angel of his duty of guarding not only humans on earth, but the 4 worlds of earth, water, air, and fire.

So this mountain had many tevadas who accomplished enlightenment. Since Buddha Ekarasak’s time, He dispensed dhamma desna here for 1 day, earth’s time and accomplished in enlightening up to 8 million tevadas. This tradition of dispensing dhamma in this cave originated since Buddha Ekarasak, Preah Metho, Preah Me-Therek, Tipangkor, Saranangkaror, Utapamakor….Kukusandha, Korneagamano, Kossapo, & Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddha for 5,000 Buddha, who accomplished in enlightenment in the path and fruits of stream entering called Sakadagamaga, Sakadamaphala; Anagamaga, Anagamaphala; Arahatamagga, Arahatamaphala. So, Buddha (Shakyamuni Gautoma) designated his religion to complete in 5,000 years (?).

Buddha like Tathagata (Shakyamuni) from Ekarasak Buddha, Preah Meitho, Preah Mei-Therek, Tipangkor, Saranangkaror, Utapamakor alike could only marginally enlighten disciples, Buddhists from advance stage to lay people alike, and only those who have upanassay(fate) with Tathagata. But, Buddha had recorded/prophesized already when Maitreya Buddha entered this cave and dispensed dhamma desna, He will have accomplished enlightening tevadas up to 8 billion worlds from Jatok-maha-reachika, Yearmear, Nimearatei, Vireknimit Heavens, Akanitabrum, Virorhatabrum Brahma realms all the way to Nirvana called Kosatak (form?), Avikosatak (formless?), Misamek, Aheksakak, Posatak, Nisayek, Aruksaketak, Aposamek, Viposamek….Kasakak Thaan (highest of all) according to time and the level of their merits.

As for humans on earth when accomplished the paths and fruits of stream entering, they became tevadas like maha abasak, abasaka, puddh borisat, maha borisat, preah po-ti-sat. They accomplished dhamma because they all believe in Buddha Maitreya. And, there are numerous who accomplished enlightenment as arahats and or pacceka Buddha. And, the sasana will be quite prosperous of all on earth. There will be much peace, prosperity, wealth, health, etc. on this earth. But, only to those who believe in Maitreya Buddha. So, this was how previous Buddha had prophesized. For those who do not have faith in Buddha, they will continue to birth and receive sufferings for themselves.


So, at this time, We, Lok Ta, had come here to dispense dhamma in lieu of Maitreya Buddha for the purpose of enlightening children to escape the worlds of sufferings, of fear, of evils of all kind on earth, of death here. We have come down here (not cave), a journey wracked with peril. We experienced all the pain and sorrows, all the sufferings along with you children. We come to suffer along with you children. We suffered the pangs of separations in lieu of children. We have come to save children. We have come to enlighten children of the process. But, only to children who believe we are Buddha.

If children do not believe We as Buddha, We cannot help you at all. And, we will be on earth along with you. No matter where you are, we will be with you at all time. As long as you believe that we are Maitreya Buddha and chant the Maitreya Sutra, We will help you. We are here to save you children from all sufferings already. This planet is a vast ocean of suffering with no haven in sight. We have come down here to act as an Ark, which does not leak nor sink at all even when delved with the harshest wind called “kyol vichiveit.” This Ark is the Ark of Eternal Dhamma. Children may abide by this dhamma, chant them, and eventually you will be met with success.

So, how could dhamma be adhered? We have found dhamma, accumulated and recorded through karma over births and rebirths. Any dhamma of benefit, we recorded them through karma and we remember them. For example, the dhamma of burning incense and candles as offerings to Buddha on the altar. These are dhamma we have found through each and every birth already. Each lifetime, we have found dhamma. The dhamma are similar with similar goal and purpose, but chanted a bit differently. So, example was the found dhamma of incense and candle. We do not want to go into detail as that is not the purpose of our dispensing dhamma now. This is just to illustrate a certain concept of similar dhamma (incense and candle), but chanted differently with respect to each lifetime of meditation. (Lok Ta went to give different versions of the chant, but could not be put down in writing here. Overall, they have similar meanings. For example the translated chant (paraphrased):

We take refuge in Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha. We offer incense, candles, flowers, etc., as offerings for the purpose of peace, longevity, enlightenment, etc. Through our refuge we are reminded of the ephemeral nature of all transient beings and phenomena. And, through such reverence, we hope to commit karma of intelligence. May we have intelligence to conquer sufferings and death.

So, Buddha previously had found dhamma. But, their dhamma could not be chanted by ordinary human beings. Until humans have become Buddha, purified in mind, could these dhamma be chanted and understood. So, the billions of Buddha who found enlightenment could not offer their dhamma for human adherence at all. Humans could only adhere to human dhamma or dhamma of the villagers, dhamma of simplicity. So, dhamma of today is dhamma of humans of simplicity, not of Buddha. Then, Buddha also said, We have found these dhamma, but we would not abandon them at all. Only when in lieu of Maitreya Buddha, when he found enlightenment, and when he dispense dhamma, people achieve arahatship. When achieved arahattship, people may chant these Sutras with ease. The millions and millions of Sutras that all Buddha previously had found all could be found by Maitreya Buddha before Armageddon. May children be informed.

So, the dhamma that previous Buddha had found will not be lost. They are kept the same. Also, there will be new dhamma, which previous Buddha could not found that are founded by later Buddha, and all recorded in sacred book called kompi. Buddha will not abandon children any longer. They will guard and protect dhamma, sasana, adhere to dhamma, broadcast dhamma for children’s awareness until the earth will be no more, until no more humans on earth. Then, and only then, will Buddha (Maitreya) found enlightenment and enter Nirvana and the whole worlds from the 6th level of heaven downward will enter Armageddon. But, Armageddon could only happen when Maitreya Buddha entered Nirvana.

So, could we call Maitreya Buddha as Preah Po-ti-sat? No. we can no longer call Maitreya Buddha as Preah Po-ti-sat any more. We may call him as “Preah Se-Ah kompung thra ding”---Maitreya Enlightening, which means he is in the process of enlightening or saving “satt”, which extends beyond humans to encompass other animals and devas alike. Another phrase called “Preah Se-Ah Trung thra ding.” This means he will no longer enlighten because he had accomplished the enlightening process already. This means at the end of enlightening of humans and all creatures on earth, now all is left is for him to found his own enlightenment. Right now, we may refer to him as “Preah kompung thra ding.” When this process is done, we may refer to him as “Preah Se-Ah Trung thra ding.”

All humans on earth, they cannot live in time to see Maitreya found Enlightenment because all have accomplished the Path and Fruits of Stream Entering and entered Nirvana or higher heavens already by abiding by Maitreya Buddha’s Sutras before Maitreya entered Nirvana, Himself. As for those whom Buddha cannot enlighten, they will all become Pretta or lower beings and cannot be with Buddha. Only those who have much demrits, cannot listen and abide by goodness when preached, they become so laden with a-kusal that Mother Earth cannot support them any longer. When Mother Earth cannot support people, it is seen as earthquake. When the worlds of Water, Wind, and Fire cannot support humans, they will be killed by these worlds aka go to hell.

When Maitreya Buddha accomplished his mission of enlightening humans, and when humans become enlightened, they will be able to understand the language of devas, understand the language of Buddha. Any animals (this enlightening process also extends to animals, ghosts, goblins, lower forms alike, indiscriminate of caste), when they achieved enlightenment after listening to the expounded dhamma by Maitreya Buddha may understand the language of humans. Likewise, humans will understand animal language. All may communicate with ease.

A question was raised----howcome the animals won’t become humans and listen to dhamma; why remain as animals and still could listen? Animals, large or small, from insects to elephants, etc., how can they become enlightened, if not human?

Oh, ye Children. If you discriminate and see only class and status, you only put yourself on a pedestal. You see yourself as superior and any beast that is not human as inferior. (In some cases, even the same human species as inferior to receiving teachings. For eg., discriminations against female from enlightenment). Have you not realized that you, yourself, also belong to a class called animal? We have the same root, but just different branches. We are in the same family of animal, but species humans or carnivores, herbivores, etc. We humans are animals that could walk on two legs. Other animals could walk on four legs, just to illustrate. We belong to the family called “satt”. Our minds are capable of enlightenment. Animals have their own language. Just because we cannot understand language of animals, do not think that animals lack a mind, a culture, a language. Therefore, because of which, they have minds capable of enlightenment just the same as humans.

When all animals have found enlightenment, there will be peace. Tigers will no longer hunt cows or deers. They will recognize each other and become friends. It is because we are not enlightened in the mind that we kill each other indiscriminately for food. Big animals prey on smaller animals; smaller on animals that feed on plankton, etc., creating an evolution of the survival of the fittest, the vicious cycle of life, the web of karma of a-kusala, exacerbating sufferings as children may have observed through “jak thok (eyes), citak (heart, mind), soatak (sound, ears), etc. of the six sensory perceptions. Animals will become humans, but those species that have been extinct have all come back as humans.

So, this cave is the cave whereby all Buddha had accomplished a supreme deed called “yutaserl Preah”or Power of Buddhahood aka the Cave of Buddhahood. Why was it called thus? Ever since Ekarasak Buddha’s time, there was Tonahang Karayek Buddha who came later. He found enlightenment and dispensed dhamma here. At that time, there were 8 tevadas who came to request the answers to two riddles they posed on the Buddha. The Buddha with his omniscient eye saw that these 8 tevadas were fated to take charge and guard the Kari Bukata (Premises) of this cave of Buddhahood for the final Buddha to come called Maitreya Buddha.

The 8 tevadas asked the Buddha the riddles:

1) in this world, what is sharpest?

2) in this world, what is brightest?

Buddha replied:

1)sharpest in this world is the citak (faith, will) of the arahats

2)brightest in this world are those that have listened and abide by sublime dhamma of Buddha.

(Dhamma are the brightest lights in this world. Even when one closes the eyes, one could still see dhamma.)

The 8 tevadas wanted to know the answer to the 2 riddles from the Buddha so that they may challenge the Indra Raja who was in charge of three realms---Naga, Middle Earth, and Heaven. They have strong will to dominate these three worlds, so they went to Indra Raja (Preah Enn Thi Thereach), who was king of all Devas of the 4 directions as well. They stipulated the challenge to Indra Raja that if Indra Raja answered correctly, there would be no consequence. However, if Indra Raja answered incorrectly, then he must relinquish his throne over the 3 worlds for them to control.

Indra Raja reflected that the 8 tevadas were greedy and wanted to dominate the 3 worlds. So, he informed the 8 tevadas to ask the riddles in 7 days’ time for there will be a grand convention held comprising of 1 billion devas serving as witness to the challenge. So, Indra Raja ordered Tevatut (messenger) to summon all the devas, indra, brahma of 1 billion beings to serve as witness. Indra Raja was the Maitreya Buddha to be in Vireknimit Heaven. When prompted by the 8 tevadas of the challenge to dominate the 3 worlds, he knew that they were fated. These 8 tevadas possessed supreme strength and endurance pertaining to faith/spirit of iron than all beings of the 3 worlds combined. Indra Raja, with his omniscient eye, saw that these 8 tevadas, when they were humans performed the greatest feat of revering Buddha by making a pilgrimage on foot to revere the Sarakak Theit (Supreme Buddha Relics) of 14 billions for 8 years starting from Junabot Khesitak to Viphosakak City for 10 billion yoyanas, a very long journey.

They embarked their pilgrimage since age 16 and reached Buddha Relics at age 80. Before embarking on their pilgrimage, they performed meditations for 7 years. When they started, they slithered all the way (no walking) and survived at the mercy and charity of those who wished to give alms. But, mostly their pilgrimage was not done in peace nor much support. They were harmed and criticized by many skeptics who hated them. The 8 ascetics suffered great maltreatments from the people along their treks. But, no matter what, their will to survive in order to reach the Supreme Buddha Relics for their last reverence surpassed their fate of death. When they reached the Supreme Buddha Relics of 14 billions, they paid their last homage and expired (niroat pama). They were born as devas with supreme will power.

When Indra Raja saw the history of the 8 tevadas, he summoned the 12 Deva Rajas (Kings of Angels), who were in charge of 12 worlds to attend the convention as well. In the convention, Vireksitak Tevear (Maha Vireksat Upaka Tevear) was also present (his significance will follow at the end). At the challenge of the riddle, Indra Raja who understood the fate of the 8 tevadas, feigned ignorance and gave the wrong answer. The 8 tevadas were fated to dominate the 3 realms of Naga, Middle Earth, and Heaven. And, the fate fell under the time of Maitreya Sasana (Tathagata’s ) as well. Because the 8 tevadas are the only tevadas who could change the fate of humans because all humans had wronged them when they were pilgrimaging to revere the Supreme Buddha Relics of 14 billion. So, these 8 tevadas could occupy the 3 worlds and dictate the fate of humans at their whim.

During the convention of 1 billion devas, indra, and brahma, the 8 tevadas issued the 2 riddles. Riddle no. 1, Indra Raja answered that the sharpest of all in this world is the sharpened knife, to which the 8 tevadas said he was wrong. They called on Indra Raja to relinquish his reign to them. At that time, the 14 billion Supreme Buddhas also materialized and descended upon the convention to serve as witness. They said Indra Raja failed in answering the riddle correctly and must abdicate his throne as stipulated.

Indra Raja abdicated his throne, but appointed one tevada in charge of Water; Earth; Fire; and Air for a total of 4 tevadas. He appointed one in charge of Naga; Middle Earth; and Heaven for a total of 7 overall. One remaining tevada would be in charge of all the 7 tevadas as chief. The abdication of the throne is stipulated upon Maitreya Buddha to come on Earth to enlighten and raise/save/broadcast sasana. At that time, the 14 billion Supreme Buddha said that the 8 tevadas have power in setting the fate of humanity for humanity had wronged them. When heard thus, Indra Raja requested a boon or two from the 8 tevadas:

“Vinneal baphuk ni tevada teng pram bei ong. Yuerng jia Preah Enn Thi Thereach. Yuerng ning prathna thra jia preah samma samm puddh. Jia preah muoy ong, thith nau knong phuddhakap nis. Yuerng prathna tha bir sen jia yuerng ban sam raik Thor jia preah samma samm puddh, kir yuerng ning trau kor-sang saphear vek Thor preah puddh thom thom touch, preah vihear prasat pseng pseng, kir nau ler vi-phup nei paendei teng muol, sohm tevada teng pram purl ning choouy thehrasa oy yeurng phong.”

-----Oh Ye tevadas of 8. We are Indra Raja. We have aspired to be a Universal Buddha, a Teaching Buddha, in this world. We aspire that when we have accomplished our enlightenment as a Universal Buddha, we must build dhamma of supreme including but not limited to building giant statues of Buddha and viharas and other stupas of reverence. May you 7 tevadas assist us and guard both land and structures from destructions.

“Bur sen jia maha borisat, preah po-ti-sat, rur kor jia savek bos yuerng, sohm nek choouy thehraksa phong. Pe-prous yuerng ning ding tha nek teng lai nis ning tver dom-nuhr jol tau pi phup jakaval kann thaan teng bei nis, kur dol mean tau vilear kam akosal jia mouy ning minous, kur trau tau bomm plaeng minous, min oy minous nau sakday sok.”

----If there are Buddhist followers who believe in us, or our disciples, please spare them. Because we know that these tevadas will journey about the 3 worlds and destroy humans indiscriminantly for they still have karma of demerits with humans. They will not allow humans to have peace at all.

We have aspired to be a Buddha by erecting a wat complex called Wat Toul Preah Reach Chea or Wat Preah Se-Ah Metrei. Wat Toul Preah Reach Chea is Tathagata’s wat in the kalpa of Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddha’s, designating for Maitreya Buddhism. At that time, there will be an Arahat who will be the first to emerge in building before all else who was Upakak Arahak Tevear, Virek nei Maha Kasat (chief leader) as sacrificial offering to Maitreya Buddha. This Arahat is called Nhyohm Seng Ne.

At this time, the dhamma desna is coming to its conclusion in its truncated form. May devas, indra, and brahma shower blessings. May children abide by dhamma of eternal in peace and prosperity.


Dear children, in this cave there were 1 billion Tevadas, 1 billion Indras, & 1 billion Brahma, whom after listening to dhamma desna became enlightened as Pacceka Buddhas. They left behind their Buddha figurines as commemorations. The purple ones represent Brahmas who entered Nirvana; the golden ones represent both Indra and Tevadas alike. Then behind a cache of stalagtite and stalagmite, Lok Ta presented various sized of rugged diamonds, which will be shaped into Buddha figurines by a gold smith. These diamonds were measured to be pure diamond by a diamond odometer, which in darkness showed the fluctuation of the flame indicating the strength of the diamond in terms of purity. They will be called Preah Pict.