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On Righteousness

Hi Friends,


I am very pleased to see your love of Lok Ta. This is upanassaya of the great kind. We are his children where we have vowed to come on earth to help support him build in the name of sasana. Buddhism is in decline because so many followers don't fully understand what Buddhism means and so one will see like devout people such as Jendhamuni and a monk such as Hok Savan trashing Lok Ta in their bid to so-call save Buddhism. This talking bad about others without true facts is bad. It goes against what Buddhism stands for and thus, it brings to question if they are truly Buddhist.


There was another master called "Lok Ta Svay Reang" who emerged roughly around the same time as Lok Ta who wears white and materialize jewels as if by magic from sweat and air. But Lok Ta does not make any jewel from thin air...He goes to the actual site, expound on the dharma and actually retrieve the hidden gems and sacred artifacts that were promised to him. To nonbelievers, they think it is a hoax where he bought those jewels and fool people. Let them think whatever for the person who sees Truth know they are real and Lok Ta is real. That is why Lok Ta lasts and his building is eternal whereas others who are fraud dissolve into oblivion as their karma dictate. We will continue to exist along with him for we are under his shadow, his leadership, where eventually we will become buddha ourselves.


For whatever reasons these people feel their obligation to downfall Lok Ta, let them be. It is their karma that they have to contend with just as it is our karma to deal with ourselves. Truth cannot be defiled. Lok Ta will remain as Mara will be seen obliterated. Truth is a beautiful thing and only Time is its ally. We will be made humble by it when we do not act on things that instigate so readily. To walk the rope is to see the balance of things, subtle as they are, where Truth is revealed. When we hold fast and strong to what is right and proper, we cannot go astray in the midst of unrighteousness.


To know is to uphold righteousness and to refrain from unwholesome deeds. When we take efforts to downfall a person thru a perceived objective ask, have we done so in the right light? When the facts are collected thru a questionable source, one must be extremely careful to not rely on it. And even if faced with all the facts, so called, one must be extremely careful to rely on it as well because no one, I repeat, no one can make the decision for you other than yourself. Thus, it calls to mind of self-reliance. Ultimately, we are responsiblbe for our own actions. Those who instigate has their own karma to contend with. We have to deal with ours in the end.


Let those who are bent on downfalling Lok Ta heave their might and let Lok Ta continue to reach his objectives without fail. What are Lok Ta's objectives? He doesn't have one but many. Let me outline a few of his many objectives. His priority is to help reorganize Buddhism to its original luster or better. Why? Buddhism is in decline, especially in Cambodia. Unwholesome deeds reign supreme where corruptions and destructions are the norm. Morality are put in the back burner as killing, pilfering, corruption, etc., take center stage in the human society.


These kinds of deeds, though one may not think of it much, lead to so many consequences that directly influence the happiness of individuals as well as society. When one is doing it, one does not see its fruit right away. When more have accumulated, that is when its ripeness starts bearing fruits for the individuals. Conscious individuals can attest to these fruits of karma like fire: they don't fool around with them and are seen upholding them in high respects. Those who are imbued in unrighteous deeds are too inebriated with them that they cannot feel the severity. One can see this if one thinks on the sensitivity of things. Those who are sensitive to light, the slightest ray of light could actually burn their skin. Compared to those who are not, they are fine with the sunlight. They need little protection. Perhaps this is not a good analogy, but one can perceive the level of effects somethings are with respect to exposure (threshold of tolerance).


Over time when humans have committed so much of unwholesome deeds, it becomes the norm and the new generation cannot perceive alternatives. They are sensitized and cannot feel its effect. If one cannot see the longevity effect, one can see its immediate. If killing is the norm, one can see that its effect is brevity. A person cannot predict to live for long in a society where violence and killing are seen every day. This is an example. Happiness is declined because one lives in fear and anxiety, no freedom to dictate one's life and livelihood.


Thus respect is a supreme dharma that leads to longevity and happiness. When one respects each other, love each other, help each other, one can be assured that one is safe and that one can depend on each other for a better future. This breeds longevity and peace. This is the buddha way, which promotes longevity and peace and happiness. Unwholesome deeds can never lead to longevity and happiness or peace.


To reorganize Buddhism does not mean to simply say the word and expect every one to follow what he says. It means he has to earn credentials so that he could lead people. He has to say what his plans are and he has to back those plans up with actions. He has to make sure the plans are understood and made sense. Or if not the whole, but at least in parts as to move in steps with the whole of things. Above all, he has to have great knowledge and visions to have strength to lead thousands of people in his path of peace. Otherwise, it would be rather difficult for him to do so alone. This is called the path of Faith as well as the path of Knowledge. Instigating people in the right way is the path of good deeds. Those who continue to follow his leadership is cultivating the path of Perseverence. These endurance and perseverence culminate in the fruits of longevity. Their fruits are manifested from conception to reality.


Another objective is to lead followers of Shakyamuni Buddhism in the path of Maitreya Buddhism, as predicted. There will be a time called the Death of Religion. In this dark age, no Buddha will be seen to Enlighten on Earth. This period is a most dangerous period in any epoch because unwholesome deeds reign supreme. Immorality is rampant. Killing and violence is supreme.


The purpose of Buddhism is to save sentient beings from falling into the lower realm of existence where more suffering ensue. When human die off the face of the Earth due to violence and unwholesome deeds, then there would be no more human to rule Earth. Earth would just be another empty place or another place where darkness reign. Presently, Earth is in relative happiness. If no education is taken regarding good conduct then Earth will be in absolute misery when karmic forces ripen. Thus educating human to follow the path of wholesome deeds help the human curtail such fate as would befall mankind as The Buddha Shakyamuni predicted.


Maitreya Buddhism has not arrived on Earth yet, but Lok Ta wishes to plant the seed for its flourishing. When the dark age hits, human may have a hope to retain light in the way of Maitreya Buddhism, the next religion destined on Earth. We are currently living in the by-way of religions. Buddhism as founded by Shakaymuni Buddha has weakened due to the followers are not true followers. Many ordained into Buddhism do not uphold the ways of the religion and thus give Buddhism a bad name.


For example, thieves don on the yellow saffron robes to go from house to house begging for donations to build this and that in a temple. In actuality, they were frauds and swindlers. How they give Buddhism a bad name is now believers become more skeptical. They can't trust those who wear the robes even when they are true monks, ordained in the Order and followed strict instructions according to the Vinnaya. This is one way of decline.


Thus, Maitreya Buddhism, one of the pillars of light is to judge by action and not by looks. Be wary of looks but make judgements on actions. Don't let a person's looks fool a person into action. For example, many fear Lok Ta because he does not fit into any bill of what a holy person looks like. He never shaved his hair. He doesn't wear saffron but white. And, he wears shoes! How absurd is that?, to the people who cannot discern with their third eye. They automatically call Lok Ta as a fraud base on his appearance.


But appearance aside, Lok Ta is very profound and diverse in his lectures. He is very knowledgeable with incredible visions. He had built large structures and monument to help protect followers so that they can attain peace. No one in the history of Cambodia or anywhere has done what he had done so far. His vision is astounding and one can only marvel at his work in time, if not already.


One cannot fully grasp his vision as yet. At least, to the majority of the world's populace. However, the children of Maitreya are working hard to adhere to his leaderships and they have made something of themselves which in future's time will be manifested. The time of the future is now. All of his followers are preparing for the future by working on the present for it will be an incredible time as never before seen or heard. It is what is called Heaven on Earth for that is Lok Ta's wishes.


He wishes that he would become a Buddha some day. Those who believe in Him will attain the fruits as he wishes. One of the fruits is longevity to 80,000 years. Others include equal beauty and youth; equal health and happiness; equal wealth and power. To attain such fruits is no easy feat. One must work hard at it and persevere to the end. One cannot know when one has fulfill the fruit until one has accomplished all the paths.


In reorganizing Buddhism, Lok Ta doesn't beg. He trades. He trades his precious artifacts for funds to build the foundation of Buddhism where the world may take refuge for peace and happiness. Believers attain those precious artifacts for their peace and protection and happiness. Whether one wants to support him is up to his own intellect and faith. He does not cheat or swindle. He is Truth. What he says, IS.


He will continue to build whether or not he has supports as it is his duty, his objective, his wish. Those who support him are simply cultivating their own enlightenment where they will attain their fruits accordingly. He opens all doors and welcome anybody with Sothear (faith) to build with respect to their enlightenment as he has acres acres of land available. He bought those acres of land with his own money. No body or govenment granted any piece of land to him. This is Truth.


Lok Ta embodies supreme compassion, supreme enlightenment, supreme love. With profound vision, he welcomes one and all to take part in his building for he is leading the way. He has Knowledge to lead sentient beings from a place of darkness to a world of great peace and happiness. And, it doesn't have to be in Heaven. It can be on Earth. Earth is heaven when we can make it so through our own intellects and perseverence. Let us dwell in peace through our righteous deeds. Let us respect one another in our bid to promote world peace. Religion is an excuse, but it is a worthy excuse when one adheres to righteousness.