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Why Preah Kru keeps His hair?

Posted by reksmay3 on February 13, 2009 at 8:16 PM

Questions: Why Preah Kru keeps His hair?, Why is He wearing white-color robe?, Is He a monk or a Brahmin?

It is because He is a Boddhisattva, beyond monkhood. He is acting on behalf of Maitreya Buddha 2b millions of years from now. In light of current events in the world as a whole, Prophecy walks and is nearing its maturation soon. The Prophecy I am referring to is WWIII and other matters known in Buddhism like the 4 Worlds of Sufferings---hell, asuras, pretta, derachano (animals), and the 4 Wraths of Nature---Earth (quakes), Water(floods), Air(tornados, cyclones, Tsunamis), and Fire(forest fire, volcano, sun exposures, etc).

It is predicted that WWIII is inevitable and that there will be mass destructions by mankind. In addition to man killing man with nuclear weapons, Nature will also have a hand in destroying man also. The reason why Nature is destroying man is that man are less virtuous in their actions. When one are virtuous in actions, they cannot be destroyed by these Elemental Gods. Because of such knowledges, Buddhism are forewarned. Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddha, our current Buddha, is in Parinibbana, but not completely in Nirvana. His spirit still revolves on Earth. He won't go into Nirvana until the end of His Sasana, ~2,500 years from now.

Currently we are in the year, 2552. However, the midpoint of His kalpa is the most crucial time as His Sasana is threatened to extinction from external source as well as internal followers. Because Buddhas wish to lead people from darkness, want people to be enlightened so that they may attain realms of peace and not annihilation (don't be mistaken with Nirvana), like high heaven and beyond into Nirvana, Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddha had requested assistance from Maitreya Buddha to-be who was in Thaan Virek-hecto as Enn Tereik, to come down to save His religion.

This is crucial when it is inevitable that the world will go into WWIII along with Nature destroying mankind, those with less merits cannot come back as humans. It is perceived in Buddhism that those with high merits may escape sufferings. The worlds considered places of happy existence start from Middle Earth and up. When people died and when they don't have enough good merits to be born as humans again, they will be forever trapped in those lower realms of existences because according to Prophecy, whenever Maitreya Buddha emerges, those with extremest merits may see Him.

While Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddha allowed all creatures the chance for enlightenment, Maitreya Buddha put a sifter and said only those with extreme merits may do so. He will forever seal the gates from lower realms where if one is born as animals, one cannot come back as humans, but remain as animal. The main purpose why He is putting a sifter is because of Dhamma. If He wants people to perceive Dhamma and be enlightened, then people from lower origins cannot be enlightened and to allow access to beings from lower realms breed chaos, as evident in Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddha's time right now.

We are seeing chaos in the world due to many people upholding different Dhamma. When people got too many ideas and all are different, then peace cannot be found. As such, Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddha asked the assistance of Maitreya Buddha to-be to come and lead people to perform deeds of merits in safeguard to being annihilated in the impending doom ahead. As Buddhas represent peace, no war, building Buddha will help protect individuals for they represent one's faith in Buddha as a Saviour.

Preah Kru leads humans to perform merits in the name of 2 Sasanas. One is Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddhism, and two, Maitreya Buddhism.

He must save Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddhism to realize its fate of 5,000 years on Earth. In addition, He is transitioning people into Maitreya Buddhism millions of years from now. Afterall, this is His reward for helping Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddha. To differentiate His sasana from Shakyamuni's sasana, His robe is white instead of yellow. White stands for purity and definite-ness, 100% good, no gray lines. Yellow stands for warning. In Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddha's time, it is a warning time where people are urged to tread carefully in the holy life for it is a dangerous time of beliefs. Right beliefs will preserve, wrong beliefs will annihilate. All are given freedom of intelligence to decipher and choose.

As Wat Jetavana was built by Anathapindika Millionair in India for Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddha as a donation in which Buddha designate as the foundation of His Buddhism in which Dhamma radiate the world, Wat Toul Preah Reach Chea was made by an Arahat of today's time in donation to Preah Kru Thien Vuthi to serve as a foundation of Maitreya Buddhism in Cambodia in which Dhamma may radiate the world. Cambodia is a country steep with history and heritage.

To those who are aware of Cambodian history and believe of its mightiness, they do not insult their heritage, but instead take pride and not only persistently preserve their culture, but build and enlarge it as well for how could a society move forward without building if that society constantly lives in the past. If we cannot understand the magnitude of such undertakings, in short time, our eyes will be wide open as the Prophecy will bust open due to its maturation.

Because Khmer is in the inside scoops, with a capable leader as Preah Kru Thien Vuthi, He will lead believers to do extraordinary things which will baffle the world to come. Right now, many critics are very skeptical of the buildings as they cannot perceive anybody in their right mind would throw $$$ to build giant Buddha statues. As they don't know, they will continue to deny Knowledges. In countries where Buddhas are revered, they tend to have more peace. When Cambodia destroy Buddha statues in the case of the Pol Pot era, Khmer was plunged into sufferings.

If Khmer do not want this kind of suffering anymore, they should build to preserve. Because Khmer is in the inside scoops, and because they do things first, Khmer will prove to be a powerful leader in the short time to come. All we have to do is open our eyes and observe. Although, I wouldn't recommend just observing, but doing as well because such buildings represent a uniting of Khmer from all over the worlds, and Khmer desperately need unity for leadership.

Please forgive me for going on and on. I have answered similar questions from many people already, and I have compiled them in my web: If you have time please view the tab on Dhamma Talk. For now, suffice it to say that Preah Kru is not a monk. He is a Boddhisattva for His coming religion Maitreya Buddhism. Therefore, He will not do things like Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddha, although He is broadcasting Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddha's Dhamma on His behalf since our Buddha is currently in Parinibbana. He will only enlighten those people who believe in Him. Those that don't, they would go to the worlds that they don't believe. For people who believe in Him, they will go to the worlds He offers. Naturally.

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