Maitreya_Gautoma Buddhism & Khmer

Wat Toul Preah Reach Chea---Foundation of Maitreya Buddhism

This is Preah Kru Thormaja Thien Vuthi. He is the Enlightened Being of Cambodia, the Abbot of Wat Toul Preah Reach Chea.

This is Prasat Preah Se-Ah Metrei where one may see lining the walls of the Preah Vihear are Maitreya Buddha's images.

This is Preah Se-Ah's image.

These Prasats house sacred relics with magical power only Preah Kru could wield and secreted. These sacred relics could only surface for Preah Kru at the proper time and place, and He must excavate them in His many missions to the woods of Cambodia. There are many purposes in building. And, this is one example of such where sacred objects are housed in order to protect from evils and destructions. As the Prophecy unfolds, Cambodia is quite blessed to have an Enlightened Being who'd show the way to shield from destructions.

In 2006, the 21m Buddha was completed with Banjos Seima Boundary Ceremony done. One of the Sakka Tevareik (King of Deva) warned Preah Kru to have this Buddha be erected as soon as possible before 2006 for Cambodia to have peace in the face of destruction by natural disasters foretold ahead. Shortly thereafter, the Tsunami occured, affecting many parts of Asia, leaving Cambodia unscathed. The land that Wat Toul Preah Reach Chea sits on is mostly sea water. Yet, Preah Kru made this sea land into dry land by purchasing soil to make it rise above sea level. Many people were skeptical of His devine plan to build a Wat there. But, all challenges were met with flying colors as Preah Kru continue to build. Buddha 21m was erected to honor our Fathers with 21 Parami of Merits. This Buddha is very significant where at the center of His raised left palm is the symbol of the Wheel of Dhamma. His right forefinger points downward indicating a calling for all Buddhists to meet here in this place called Cambodia. Buddha is ensconcing on a Naga of 9 heads, indicating power as Buddhism will be a Sasana of Power in the coming future. This means, Dhamma will radiate from Cambodia when all destructions have passed as the only ones surviving the destructions will be those who have Buddha Elements within themselves. Again, those who perform goodwills are those who deligently collect Buddha Elements within themselves. One does not have to be Buddhist, but Buddhism just offer more Knowledges.

Again, this 33m Buddha must be erected as soon as possible to protect Cambodia from impending doom. On Feb. 27, 2008, at the sounding of the Nontek Koborek (a pair of drums and bells), during the Banjos Seima Boundary Ceremony, marked the successful building of Buddha 33m. Shortly thereafter, the Cyclone hit Burma. Immediately after that, Earthquake hit China. Coincidence? Viewers be the judge. As for the purpose of building Buddha 33m: again, it is for peace. Buddha 33m represents our honor of both parents---Mother of 12 merits and Father of 21 merits. In addition, at the completion of the Boundary Ceremony, there was a calling for all the Buddhas known in Buddhism, 10,000+, to come from Nirvana to inhabit as One, the 33m Buddha, in order to shield Cambodia as well as all the people with great merits from the catastrophic destructions portend ahead of not only from man-made, but natural as well.
Seen at the forefront with concrete patterns are the foundation for Buddha 56m.

Upon the successful completion of Buddhas 21m and 33m, Preah Kru Thien Vuthi had delivered His promise to save Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddhism. His Buddhism will not be prematurely destroyed before Its fate of 5,000 years as those who assisted in building believe in Him and thereby will be saved as they are building Buddha Elements within themselves. When natural disasters as well as man-made destructions ensue on Earth, they may be revived again known as "bones that float".
Currently, Buddha 56m is underway. This Buddha along with the 108m and 220m will be built in the name of Maitreya Buddhism as Preah Kru is enlightening people that after Shakyamuni Gautoma Buddhism, one must have a mind to know what religion to keep since there is prophecy of the Death of Religion ahead, which occurs at the end of every fated span of a Buddha's religion.
These Buddhas are to face all directions to be ready for all Evils.